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ADEL - 42
ADEL - 42 ADEL - 42 ADEL - 42 ADEL - 42


INDICATIONS : For the treatment of corneal and lenticular opacities due to metabolic disorders such as diabetes, gouty conditions etc. and/or old age.


Contents in100 g: Cineraria Maritima pressed juice 50 g, Glycerol10 g, Alcohol 9.3g, Excipients, QS to 100 g

Preservatives:Chlorbutanol 0.50% w/w, Methylparaben 0.04% w/w, Propylparaben 0.04% w/w

ADEL  Cineraria Maritima has been formulated from the juice of Senecio Cineraria plant (collected before flowering) through a unique process. This process helps to maintain all the active ingredient of the plant which ensures reliable and consistent results.

Cineraria Maritima has been used with considerable success in treatment of eye diseases, for centuries. Cineraria Maritima intensifies the irrigation of the anterior ocular region and provides nutrition to the cornea, lens and vitreous body. Its general usage helps  flush  out  bacteria    other  infective  organisms  from  the  eyes  and  tones  up ocular muscles.

This preparation helps particularly for treatment  of corneal and lenticular  opacities (i.e. cataract)  due to metabolic  disorders  caused, for instance,  by diabetes,  gouty conditions  and old age.

The preparation is also recommended for acute or chronic conjunctivitis and blepharitis, incipient opacity of lens and/or cornea, dim and blurred vision in old people, over strained eyes having dull pain with burning, redness and/or watering & inflammatory eye diseases.

Recommended dosage:

Unless otherwise prescribed, 2 drops into the affected eye three times a day. Slight massage of the eyeball helps to distribute medicine evenly.

The treatment must be carried on for several months

The preparation is absolutely free from harmful side-effects

No contraindications are known

If irritation persists or increases consult physician

The product is produced under sterile conditions. Please avoid any contact with the dropper while using the product. It is not to be used in case of sedimentation Good results have been obtained by using ADEL 17 (GLAUTARACT) simultaneously Use the solution within one month after opening the phial.



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