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About Adelmar Pharma

ADELMAR PHARMA GmbH, Forst, Germany has joined hands with PEKANA NATURHEILMITTEL GmbH of Kisslegg, Germany (www.pekana.de) and MADAUS GmbH of Cologne , Germany to manufacture and distribution of homoeopathic medicines that meet the highest international standards set in the pharmaceutical industry.

Their comprehensive line of highly effective remedies have been developed to help practitioners successfully treat both acute and chronic illnesses, while avoiding the detrimental side effects that often accompany use of allopathic drugs.

Importantly, medications do not merely suppress or mask symptoms, but heal the underlying causes of a wide variety of illnesses, such as bacterial infections, cystitis, liver disease, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and many chronic conditions considered difficult to treat.


The founder of PEKANA, Dr. Peter Beyersdorff, started his career in 1949 with an obligatory apprenticeship in a pharmacy.

After two years, he completed his term, earning a pharmaceutical assistant degree. During his term as a pharmaceutical assistant Dr. Beyersdorff became extensively acquainted with a large variety plant remedies.


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Adelmar Pharma GmbH is a marketing company headquartered in Forst , Germany. The company specialised in the homoeopathic field and has expertise and experience of over 45 years of marketing and distribution of homoeopathic medicines in India.


PEKANA is a medium-sized, traditional family-owned enterprise run by its co-founder Mrs. Katharina Beyersdorff. The enterprise is located at Kisslegg – the perfect location for producing natural remedies, where nature is still in balance.

PEKANA chose the climatic health retreat as the location for its company – in the natural environment and intact landscape of Württemberg’s Allgäu region, south-east Germany, about 150 km west of Munich.

In 1991 PEKANA’s formulations were included in the first German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and in 1995 awarded for exemplary performance within the scope of the Innovation Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg.



MADAUS was founded in 1919 by the physician Gerhard Madaus (1890-1942) the author of their complex system of medicines together with his two brothers.. MADAUS is the pioneer of manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines in Germany. The company flourished and employed in 1969 already 1200 employees, In 2003, a new laboratory building was set up in Troisdorf. The following year, the head office moved to a new building in Cologne, Germany. MADAUS at present is one of subsidiary of the conglomerate “Mylan Pharmaceutical company”

Company Philosophy

A holistic approach towards health and disease is the guiding principle and vision of the company.

The aim is to induce a change in awareness to position homeopathy as part of the traditional Western medicine. The aim is to form a bridge between ancient traditions and modern times; and this for more than 50 years now.

The Vision

The company aims to sustainably promote awareness in therapists and patients towards homoeopathy being a part of the traditional Western medicine. Thus traditional Western medicine becomes a supporting pillar in the transforming understanding of health and disease.

The Commitment and Purpose

It is our commitment to activate the self-healing powers through our remedies without creating any addictions, free from manipulation.

The People We Target

Our medicines are for those people who wish for an authentic guide in a changing medical world turning more and more towards naturopathy, a guide independent of trends, and they want to be supported by products of valuable quality as well as by inspiring findings.

Worldwide Presence

  • PEKANA Products are available
    worldwide in
  • 19 Countries

The PEKANA remedies, exclusively manufactured at Kisslegg/Allgäu, are distributed worldwide by carefully selected partners. Around the globe more and more therapists and patients trust and rely on the efficacy of our homeopathic-spagyric complex remedies.