Pekana History

PEKANA History

The founder of PEKANA, Dr. Peter Beyersdorff, started his career in 1949 with an obligatory apprenticeship in a pharmacy. After two years, he completed his term, earning a pharmaceutical assistant degree. During his term as a pharmaceutical assistant Dr. Beyersdorff became extensively acquainted with a large variety plant remedies.

After finishing his studies at the University of Tubingen, Dr. Beyersdorff received a doctoral degree in Munich. The doctoral thesis was on the plant sarothamnus (Sarothamnus scoparius), that later appeared as the logo of PEKANA.

Dr. Beyersdorff seemed to have his dreams fulfilled when he built a pharmacy in Sulzfeld in 1960. Diseases and tragic losses within the family, however, opened the eyes of the pharmacist to the possibilities of alternative healing methods. As a result, a period of intensive study and experimenting began.


From Pharmacist to Manufacturer

His first leased pharmacy was followed by establishment of the Burg Pharmacy in Baden’s Sulzfeld in 1961.

Early on, severe and incurable diseases in his personal environment pointed Peter Beyersdorff towards researching possible alternatives to the then existing supply of medicines. This led him to develop a homeopathic remedy range comprising 70 products within a period of 10 years. In 1975 the Regional Council of Karlsruhe granted the first permit of manufacture; the founding stone for today’s PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH was laid.

Exploring Ways Together

In 1978 Katharina and Peter Beyersdorff met during a pharmacy internship. From the very beginning, in addition to a deep personal relationship, the two of them were united by their great love of nature and their enthusiasm for manufacturing products of herbal origin.


In Germany in the early 1980s, owning a pharmacy was a sound means of existence. Still, regardless of this secure background, Katharina and Peter Beyersdorff gave up the pharmacy to turn exclusively to the manufacture of homeopathic remedies.

This decision was based on their unwavering belief in this healing method. In the early business years Katharina and Peter Beyersdorff each held various positions at the same time. Because of the experience gained during that time, today Katharina Beyersdorff knows all there is to know about products, therapists and the needs of the employees.

Innovative thinking for the future

The founders of PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH, Katharina and Peter Beyersdorff, took the challenges of a pharmaceutical enterprise head on at a very early stage.

The expansion of the facilities in the mid 1990s was followed by the certification according to GMP standard in the year 2000, signifying a global and approved quality assurance for the production. The successful inspection by the American Food and Drug Administration in the year 2008 was another confirmation of the company’s consistent approach.


Worldwide Presence

  • PEKANA Product are available Worldwide in
  • 20 Countries

The PEKANA remedies, exclusively manufactured at Kisslegg/Allgäu, are distributed worldwide by carefully selected partners. Around the globe more and more therapists and patients trust and rely on the efficacy of our homeopathic-spagyric complex remedies.