ADEL Leptandra Ø

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Leptandra MT is a remedy in small doses for liver and gallbladder disorder. As a liver remedy it has symptoms of jaundice and black, tarry stools. It is used in cases of enfeebled portal circulation. It is also used in malarial conditions. In herbal medicine it covers flatulence, bloating, discomfort of haemorrhoids, chronic constipation, and rectal prolapse. It is known to Native American peoples of Missouri and Delaware as a violent purgative. It was used in moderate doeses as a laxative, detoxifier, and remedy for liver disorders, stimlutes bile production, used also for gallbladder disorders. This herb has been used to treat flatulence and bloating, and occasionally for skin problems if caused by poor liver function. \n \nReference \n \n1. W. Boericke, New Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory [with Relationship of Remedies], Second Re-Augmented & Revised Edition Based on Ninth Edition, Reprint Edition 2002. \n2. Dr. P. N. Varma, et al., A Compendium of Rare and Clinically Established Mother Tinctures, 4th Edition.
ADEL Leptandra Ø
ADEL Leptandra Ø
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