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Diacard Gold Drops
Diacard Gold Drops Diacard Gold Drops



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Composition : Cactus grandiflorus.2X, Crataegus Ø, Strophantus 4X, Camphora 2X, Aether, Sulfuricus. 1X, Aurum. Mur. Natr. 4X, Valeriana Ø, Alcohol 55% vol. Too much stress and too little rest produce circulatory conditions that need the mild compensatory effects of Diacard Gold Drops. The typical disturbances of older people, especially when the heart function is affected, need the mild stimulation afforded by Diacard Gold Drops. It is a combination of rare herbs from Asia, Europe, and America. The safe German natural preparation, used effectively for decades, as a convenient supportive treatment in: 

  • General tiredness and listlessness in hot weather or after any sickness
  • Heart Complaint in elderly people
  • Palpitation from exertion
  • Angina pectoris, extremely rapid and irregular pulse.
  • Circulatory instability in menopause
  • Nervous heart due to emotional upset or stress
  • Fainting, lightheadedness, heart-throbbing
  • Toxic effects of alcohol or tobacco on the heart

Cactus Grandiflorus Gives more power to the heart muscle and reduces pulse acceleration.

Crataegus Dilates the coronary arteries, tones the heart and combats rhythm disturbances.

Strophanthus Increases the force of contraction of the heart.

Camphora Increases the blood flow to the heart and stimulates circulation of blood and respiration.

Aether. Sulfuricus. Stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Valeriana officinalis Acts by sedating the nervous system and diminishing general excitability.

Aurum. Mur. Nat. The homeopathic doses produce a general tonification of the body.

DOSAGE: Should symptoms occur suddenly or unexpectedly the patient is to take drops of diacard on a lump of sugar or in a glass of water. Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the maintenance dose is 20-30 drops three or more times daily. 15-20 drops three times a day Original Packing: 25 ml sealed bottle.

For Doctor's Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZFLtqYwhRo&t=49s

Note: There is no risk of unpleasant or dangerous side effects, even after prolonged use. Now available in India at all leading homoeopathic chemists in its original German sealed packing.

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