ADEL - 85 Energy Drops

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Energy Drops
ADEL - 85 Energy Drops
ADEL - 85 Energy Drops

ADEL-85 (NEU-regen)


INDICATIONS: For overcoming mental strain, physical and emotional exhaustion thereby restoring strength and vitality. Helps to energetically balance the performance of the body

The fast pace of modern life places large demands on many individuals’ mental and physical performance. As a result, it is necessary to help the body overcome mental strain and emotional exhaustion. ADEL 85 (NEU-regen) drinking ampoule helps restore proper organ function and energetically balance the performance of the body through gentle regulation. In contrast, drugs such as stimulants and sedatives place even greater demands upon an exhausted body.

COMPOSITION: Argentum nitricum 6x, Cinchona 4x, Conium maculatum 4x,Stychnos nux-vomica (Nux vomica) 4x, Delphinium staphisagria (Staphisagria) 6x, Piper methysticum 8x, Avena sativa Ø, Panax ginseng (Ginseng) Ø

Anxiety, weak memory, lack of brain function and headaches are certified indications of Argentum nitricum, which walk along with further worthful excellent results. It resolves diseases of the upper abdomen, coming from nervous influences and anomalies of appetite, including craving for sweets. It also acts against toxic and anticatarrhalic materials.

A famous plant for exhaustion processes is Avena sativa. It is a great nerve tonic for business men or students or persons with anxieties in view of their successes. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite and sorrows are the main indications of the matter.

Cinchona succirubra (China) is a great remedy for exhaustion and weakness of mind and body, a good material for each kind of regeneration. As it regulates the activities of bile and liver, the stomach and spleen also work in a good manner.

Physical and mental overstraining is regulated by Conium maculatum, (Conium) the classical and well-reputed plant with a wide healing spectrum. Sudden loss of power, lameness in parts of the body, the anxiety of being alone and depressive states of mind are important symptoms of this remedy.
The next regulation comes from Delphinium staphisagria (Staphisagria) a well known plant too, acting for all nervous

Dysregualtions. It is certificated for weakness of memory, hypochondriac and hysteric states with restlessness and violent outbursts.

Panax ginseng (Ginseng) is a worldwide known healing plant for different states of mental and physical weaknesses with its different signs. It is useful for weak memory with difficult thinking and various fears and anxieties.

As an old polycrest with a wide spectrum of efficacies acts Strychnos nux vomica (Nux vomica), well reputed and certified for all states of nervous dysregulations, with hypochondriac and melancholic behavior. Such people like to use stimulant matters to calm their situation.

Piper methysticum is the special plant to lighten up the mood of persons with mental dullness and exhaustion. It is a natural tranquilliser without any side effects, which brings coolness in a person.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: (Unless otherwise prescribed)
adults 1-2 times daily one ampoule with or without water.

Original Packing: One box containing 12 x 10ml sealed bottle

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