ADEL - 87 Infection Drops

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Infection Drops
ADEL - 87 Infection Drops
ADEL - 87 Infection Drops



INDICATIONS: For prevention and supportive treatment of infections such as flu, chicken pox, herpes simplex, mouth thrush and ear infections

Acute bacterial and viral infections can be treated succesfully with the help of ADEL 87 (apo-INFEKT) drops, which work as an immune system stimulant and biological antimicrobial to eliminate pathogens. The antimicrobial qualities are essential for treatment of acute infections of the bladder, kidneys, bronchials and other organs. All pus-producing infection such as bronchitis, tonsillitis and otitis media indicate the need for ADEL 87 drops, which also stimulate the lymphatic system and address and accompanying symptoms such as fever and weakness. In addition ADEL 87 drops treat intestinal tract infections to help neutralize toxins.

COMPOSITION: Ailanthus glandulosa 3x, Argentum nitricum 6x, Cinchona pubescens 8x, Echinacea 12x, Lachesis mutus 12x, Marrubium vulgare 6x, Nasturtium aquaticum 6x, Vincetoxicum 6x.

Infections with a lingering progress, as scarlatina, coming from foci or residual intoxication are well caught by Ailanthus glandulosa if at the same time, fever and weakness are seen.

Argentum nitricum helps treat infection in several different ways. A part of argentum acts as a real bactericide (until 6x) and the rest of the salt treats inflammation of all mucous tissues. As a whole, the salt helps regulate nerve function and combats restlessness and exhaustion often accompanies by headaches or migraines.

Fever, weakness and exhaustion is addressed by Cinchona pubescens, together with inflammation of various ogans such as bronchitis, pertussis, gastritis, cholocystitis, polyarthritis rheumatic, added with pains in the head and bleeding in inflammed mucous tissues.

Echinacea stimulates body‘s immune response and helps to distribute leucocytes to parts with low resistance, besides, stimulating the activities of the colon and kidneys to lead out poison from the rest of the metabolism.

Lachesis mutus functions as a reliable medication against all septic conditions of the blood and protects the entire body against the spread of infection.

Marrubium vulgare is a lymphatic stimulant indicated for treatment of severe respiratory infections, hardening of lymph nodes, disruption of the liver and mucous membranes.

Nasturtium aquaticum is useful for treatment of urological infections because of its diuretic properties. It is an allium plant with “benzyl glycosides” which acts against septic materials in the whole body.

Vincetoxicum officinale is a special agent against virulent infections ranging from a common cold to poliomyelitis. It also aids the body in excreting toxins to help prevent the development of debilitating chronic infections.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: (Unless otherwise prescribed)
adults 20 drops, children 7-10 drops,
infants 5-7 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

ADEL 3 (Jaundice & Liver drops) – Liver function
ADEL 5 (Acidity & Stomach drops) – Stomach & intestinal function
ADEL 22 (Kidney drops) – Kidney function
ADEL 24 (Tonsils drops) – Sore throat, tonsillitis
ADEL 29 (UTI drops)– Acute urological infections
ADEL 32 (Inflammation drops) – Focal infections, mucous membrane inflammation

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