ADEL - 8 Blood Pressure Management Drops

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Blood Pressure Management Drops
ADEL - 8 Blood Pressure Management Drops
ADEL - 8 Blood Pressure Management Drops



INDICATIONS: Supports the management of blood pressure including renal or endocrine hypertension

ADEL-8(co-HYPERT) drops helps reduce and control high blood pressure particularly in cases where no easily recognizable cause can be diagnosed. This remedy also helps relieve hypertension related to elasticity problems, psychosomatic processes and organ (renal) insuffciency and can help prevent conditions that may lead to an infarct.

COMPOSITION: Anamirta cocculus 4x, Aurum chloratum natr. 4x, Barium carbonicum 12x, Ferula moschata 6x, Iberis amara 6x, Magnesium chloratum 8x, Melilotus officinalis 4x, Viscum album 6x

Anamirta cocculus regulates neuralgic-paretic situations, which are caused by dysharmonic organ functions. It also helps in complaints arising from loss of sleep.

Aurum chloratum natr regulates arrhythmic heart actions and high blood pressure caused by arteriosclerotic conditions. It is also used to treat angina pectoris and hepatic and digestive tract insufficiency that can lead to high blood pressure.

Degenerative spiritual or somatic processes, caused by a hypofunction of the endocrineglands can be seen in the picture of Barium carbonicum with corpulence, vertigo, otosclerosis, myocardial degeneration, bradycardia, contractions and hardenings, combined with bad digestions.

Ferula moschata shows more symptoms belonging to the pictures of hypertension.Nervous heart disruptions with palpitations and pulse irregularities from slightest physical strain are indicated.

The heart actions of a hypertensioned person will be balanced by Iberis amara if it comes from climbing stairways or quick walking with irregular pulse and dull pains, dra-wing to the left arm.

Irregular heart actions are regulated by Magnesium chloratum in combination with cramps and signs of inflammation in the intestinal tract. It also eliminates hypertonia and restlessness by restoring basic metabolic proecesses to normal.

Melilotus officinalis offers a prophylaxis for thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. It is also indicated for paraesthesia, heart palpitations and stabbing pains. The material supports the liquid situation of the blood and coagulopathy.

Viscum album is a well known old healing plant, which acts against cardiac circulatory disturbances by restoring proper circulation. Such irregular distribution of the blood leads to vertigo when standing or moving in combination with whistling noise in the ear

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: (Unless otherwise prescribed)
Adults 20 drops, children 7-10 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

ADEL 3(Jaundice & Liver drops) – Liver function
ADEL 22(Kidney drops) – Kidney function
ADEL 43(Heart & Cardiovascular drops) – Strengthens the heart

Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle

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